The hole Edit

Alice Edit

  • Get the bottle off the floor.
  • Get Alice's leg bone.
  • Get the note from her pocket.
  • Go left.

Roots Edit

  • Get the playing card.
  • Go right, then right.

Shovel/chest Edit

  • Click the shovel for a stick.
  • Get the rock off the floor.
  • Apply the rock to the bone to sharpen it.
  • Go left.

Alice Edit

  • Click the door.
  • Pick the lock with the bone.
  • Go right, back to the shovel/chest.

Shovel/chest Edit

  • Click the chest to look closer.
  • Leave.

The Forest Edit

Acid tree Edit

  • Fill the bottle with acid from the trunk.
  • Go right, then right again.

Caterpillar Edit

  • Apply the acid to the web.
  • Apply the stick to the tree sap.
  • Combine the glass with the sticky stick.
  • Kill the caterpillar.
  • Get the key and the bell.
  • Go left.

Door Edit

  • Apply the playing card to the card reader.
  • Use the key on the door.
  • Open the door.
  • Examine the briefcase inside.
  • Enter the the following code: 829 203

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