Home Edit

  • Get the bucket, and take it to the pump, to the right.
  • Put the bucket down. Bah, eagles.
  • Get the bucket, and take it to the fence.
  • Put it down, stand on it, and jump over the fence.

Woods Edit

  • Click the hollow tree to move right.
  • Click the hollow log to climb through. Bah, trolls.
  • Click the hollow tree again. Click it again to climb in.
  • Push the troll into the tree.
  • While the trolls are distracted, climb through the log.

Other side Edit

  • Click on the floating log, then on the "rock". Bah, sea monsters.
  • Pull on these vines, in order: red, green, blue
  • Jump onto the log again, and swing on the chameleon's tongue to get across the water.

Across Edit

  • Click on the bush above to pick the berries.
  • Go back down to shore.
  • Go to the rock near the mushrooms.
  • Click the berries in your hand to throw them in the water.
  • Click on the mushroom-stairs above the giant's head to climb up.

Mushroom town Edit

  • Go up to the machine, and pull the lever.
  • Keep kicking the machine and pulling the lever until the bridge lowers.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Click the mine cart to put it on the bridge.
  • Go back over the bridge.
  • Click the lever to make steps.

Mountain Edit

  • Go down the steps.
  • Go up on the right, until goat.
  • Climb back down, and around to the cave.
  • Click the gate to knock over the goat.
  • Go back in the cave.
  • Climb back down, and back up.
  • Get your bunny!!

Going home Edit

  • Click on the feathers to make wings.
  • Click on the nest to fly back home.
  • Get your bucket.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Go home.

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