Game Title: Arcuz

Arcuz is an RPG where you (the hero) save Arcuz Village from a mysterious disaster relating to the disappearance of the landlord who owns the land. You must engage in quests to find out about disappearing villagers and the monsters outside of the village.

Commands Edit

  • WASD / Arrow Keys: Move
  • J: Attack / Talk with NPC / Accept Quest
  • K: Jump / Cancel / Composition
  • 1/2/3: Use potions / town portal scroll
  • I/L: Spell Battle Skill
  • C / V / B / N / M / , / ESC: Hotkeys for Char, Skill, Quest, Inventory, Map and Menu.

Map (M) Edit

Hit M to show the maps.


Arcuz: Main Map

  • Village Arcuz
  • Plain Arcuz

Villagers Edit

Found only in Village Arcuz

Clockwise, from Wayne (who is immediately north and east of the save point):

  • Wayne (Village Head): Found NE of the save point.
  • Kimura (Ranger)
  • Anna (Little Girl)
  • Chung (Merchant)
  • Paul (Sorehead Knight)
  • Susan (Witch)

Quests Edit

Game progresses by completing quests one after another.

You get quests from the villagers. When one has a quest for you, there will be an exclamation mark over his/her head. When you talk to the villager, he/she will tell you the details of the quest. You can accept his/her quest or refuse. By accepting it, quest details will be listed in your Quest panel (hit N to view).

If you refuse the quest, next time when you are talking with him/her again he/she will tell you the quest again. If you accept, the villager will have a question mark over his/her head, and the quest will be listed in your quest panel.

When you complete a quest, you get compensation.

Quest Data Edit

# Chapter Quest Villager Details Required Location Reward
01 I Equip a Weapon Wayne Buy a weapon from blacksmith Gran and equip it. Then go talk to Wayne. Main Village
02 I Kill 3 lv. 1 Slime Wayne Kill 3 lv. 1 Slime then go back to see Wayne. Main Plain Arcuz 100 gold
03 I Kill 10 lv. 1 Slimes Wayne Kill 10 lv. 1 Slimes then go to talk with Wayne. Main Plain Arcuz
04 I Level-up & Skill Point Wayne Distribute 5 attribute points & 1 skill point then talk with Wayne. Main Village
05 I Weapon Composition Wayne Go to talk with Susan, compose 2 small crystals of fire with Stone of Blessing to your weapon then go talk to Wayne. Main Village
06 Robbed Goods Kumera
07 Don't be Proud Paul
08 Susan's Honey Susan
09 Teddy Bear Anna
10 But between Two Men Kumera
11 Purpose Of Saving Chung Save 3,000 gold for Chung and you may get a brilliant weapon from him! Optional n/a
12 Flickering Ironstone Gran Look for Ironstone for Gran in the Mystery Cave in the north. Optional Mystery Cave
13 Chemistry Lesson Susan Compose a large potion of rejuvenation for Susan. Optional n/a
14 Horn of Courage Kimura Help Kimura find 12 Centaur horns. Main near Centaur Glade
15 Missing of Anna Wayne Go to the Sadness Forest and bring Anna back to Wayne. Main Sadness Forest
16 End-result of Anna's Heart Anna Go to the Sadness Forest to look for tracks of Anna's parents. Main Sadness Forest
17 Gran's Effort Gran Help Gran composing Lv. 2 Defense Bonus (%) and Lv. 2 Chance of Block shield. Optional n/a
18 Regain Courage Kimura Get Kimura's sword back from the Guilty Forest in the South East. Main Guilty Forest
19 IV Re-see Brightness Susan Get Susan's eyes back from the Centaur Forest in the North West. Main Centaur Forest

Quest Panel (N) Edit

Access this screen by hitting N:

File:Arcuz quest.jpg

Your quest panel shows all quests you have had assigned to you in the current chapter.

A check mark means the quest has been completed.

Click on the quest for more information.

Character Screen (C) Edit

File:Arcuz char.jpg
  • Name: Your character's name.
  • Level: Your current level.
  • Hit Point: Your hit point amount, both current and maximum.
  • Skill Point: Your skill point amount, both current and maximum.
  • Armor: Your armor class.
  • Magic Resist: The percent change that you will resist a magic attack.
  • Experience: How much experience you have, and how much you need for the next level.
  • Points Remaining: How many ability points you have to spend.
  • [Four Stats]: See below.
  • Accept: Only shows if you have allocated points, but have not spent them yet.
  • X: Close.

Character Points Edit

For each character point in...

  • Strength:
    • Add 1 to Damage.
    • Add 5 to Encumbrance.
  • Agility:
  • Add 2 to Defense.
  • Add 1% to Shield Block.
  • Constitution:
    • Add 10 to HP.
    • Add 3 to SP.
  • Luck:
    • Increase drop rate.
    • For each 5 CPs added, add 2 to Critical Hit.

Crystals Edit

There are four types of elemental crystals: wind, earth, fire, water.

  • Small costs 60 GP.
  • Medium costs 300 GP.
  • Large costs 800 GP.

Stones Edit

  • Stone of Blessing costs 600 GP.
  • Stone of Soul costs GP.
  • Stone of Holy costs 8000 GP.

Composition Edit

You can only go up one level at a time.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Bugs, too. Spoiler alert, &c.

  • If Susan is selling a crystal, buy it. Then exit out of the shop, and re-enter. You should be able to buy more of that crystal.
  • Local areas that have only one entrance are zoos.