Aztec: Tactical Conquest is a turn-based strategy game set in the times of Spanish Conquest. You are playing a Spanish conquistador who is invading the Aztec Empire! Enjoy loosely connected random-generated battles located on several strategic maps. The game features over 30 animated unit types including historical and fictional units.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • When entering a battle, the first thing you'll want to do is size your opponent up. Check their formation to get an idea of what tactics they might adopt, then mouse over the units to see what's coming your way Lots of melee attackers? Prepare for that. Lots of archers? Take cover, or take them out!
  • Focus on eliminating whole units instead of spreading your attacks around. Fewer enemies is always a good thing.
  • Play defensively or play offensively, but chosse one and stick to it. Changing your strategy mid-battle will often spell doom.
  • Pay attention to the terrain, as it has a huge affect on combat. Higher ground buffs units, and jungles should arrow fire, for example.
  • Click and hold the mouse button when attacking for a push attack. You'll not only damage the enemy unit, you'll also take their square, shoving them away and running their carefully-chosen position.
  • You can win battles by killing the leader or by killing most oft he enemy's army. Choose one, then make it happen as quickly as you can!

Credits Edit

Developed by Jiri Slepicka "Thunderbird Animations"

Sponsored by Helpa Games

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Play Aztec: Tactical Conquest on Helpa Games