Controls Edit

movement keys
Z action
X use item
C change item
Space show inventory
0 mute sound
- / + change volume

Walkthrough Edit

Starting Area Edit

  1. Use the box cutter on the cardboard box and get a gear.
  2. Use the gear on the crank machine at the center of the area.
  3. Change the active item in your inventory to the towel.
  4. Interact with the machine to turn the crank.
  5. Use the towel so you don't die.
  6. Move right and enter the door.

City Edit

  1. Move to the left to exit the alleyway.
  2. Answer the phone to receive a photo.
  3. Go right and enter the bar.
  4. Talk to the person at the bar wearing a cardboard box to get a can of oil.
  5. Show the photo the bartender.
    • Note: You can show the photo to anyone in the city. The bartender is just right here, is all.
  6. Exit the bar and move to the far right into the next area.
  7. Walk north on the path.
  8. After the cutscene, move left until you reach the factory entrance.
  9. Move to the right to the previous area and enter the building that isn't labeled "WORK".
  10. Open the cabinet at the top right and get the paper bag.
  11. Combine the box cutter and the paper bag to get a disguise.
  12. Enter the workshop, which is next door.
  13. There is a machine with a lever on the right side of the room. Use the can of oil on this machine.
  14. Use the box cutter on the single cardboard box south of the machine. You’ll get some scrap metal.
  15. Use the scrap metal on the machine with the lever. Afterwards examine the machine to get a gear from it.
  16. On the left side of the room there is a machine with a crank. Use the gear on this machine.
  17. Examine the machine with the crank and turn the crank. The gate should open up.
  18. Walk through the gate and grab the screwdriver from the desk.
  19. Walk inside the large wheel and move left or right long enough to fill up the meter to the right of the wheel. Once the meter fills up the gears in the room should start turning.
  20. Talk to the robot at the entrance and he should give you a coin.
  21. Exit the building and go back to the park to the far right.
  22. Talk to the robot with the green hat.
  23. ‘Use’ the disguise to put it on.
  24. Go to the shop (labeled ‘SHOP’), which is the building next to the bar.
  25. Purchase the bucket and the spring from the shopkeep.
  26. Exit the shop and go back to the bar. From there go to the back room.
  27. You’ll find a mouse running around the room. Sneak up behind the mouse and use the bucket on the mouse to catch it.
  28. Go back to the main area of the bar, and talk to the robot standing next to the entrance to the back room. He’ll take the mouse from the bucket and give you some wooden planks.
  29. Go back to the green robot in the park and talk to her. She’ll take the screwdriver, spring and planks from you.
  30. Move to the factory entrance and a short cutscene should start.
  31. After the cutscene, walk on top of the launchpad to get past the gate.
  32. Enter the factory.

Factory Edit

  1. Grab the belt hanging from the peg wall near the entrance.
  2. Walk north until you trigger a cutscene.
  3. After the cutscene, enter the door at the top of the room.
  4. In the next room, make note of the grate in the center of the room. Then enter the door at the top of the stairs.
  5. Interact with the control panel to turn on the power.
  6. Go back to the previous room and enter the right door.
  7. Move to the far right of the room and pick up the hook item.
  8. Combine the hook and the belt to get a belt with a hook attached to it.
  9. Move to the top of the room and enter the left door.
  10. In this room you’ll need navigate a dark room with conveyor belts to pull three levers. Once all three are pulled a door will open up.
  11. Enter the opened door and turn the crank. A nearby gate will open.
  12. Walk through the opened gate and follow the pathway to a door in the lower left corner of the room.
  13. Pick up the crowbar that is stuck between the gear spokes.
  14. Backtrack to the grate and use the belt-hook on it. You’ll get a key.
  15. Enter the door on the left and use the crowbar on the electrical box near the entrance of the room.
  16. Examine the electrical box to reset the circuit breakers.
  17. Interact with the control panel to the left to reverse the conveyor belt.
  18. Walk inside the large wheel until the meter fills. A nearby gate should open. You have until the meter drains to get past the gate, which closes when the meter is empty.
  19. Grab the wheels from the desk.
  20. Backtrack back to the room where you got the hook. Above the nearby conveyor belts there should be a set of stairs that lead up to a raised landing. Walk up the stairs and use the key on the control panel.
  21. Interact with the control panel to activate the machine. It will spit out a wind-up motor.
  22. Combine the wind-up motor and wheel to get a wind-up car.
  23. Go back to the room where you turned on the power, and place the wind-up car in one of the wheels.
  24. Interact with the car to wind it up, and while it is running walk inside the other wheel.
  25. When both meters in the room are filled, a short cutscene will start indicating an engine was started.
  26. Backtrack once more to the room where you got the hook. Move to the top of the room and turn the crank. The gates will open up.
  27. Enter the revealed door and follow the paths until you get to a room where the blue robot is tied up. Approaching him will start a number of cutscenes.
  28. After the cutscenes, use the box cutter to cut your bindings.
  29. Use the box cutter on the top left cardboard box.
  30. After a conversation, push one of the shelving units (shown below).


  1. Answer the phone to trigger a cutscene.
  2. After the cutscene, use the bucket anywhere on the bodies of water in the room to fill it up.
  3. Exit the room using the door at the bottom. You find yourself back at the factory entrance.
  4. Turn crank to open the gate, and move to the center of the room. A cutscene will trigger.
  5. After the cutscene enter the door on the right.
  6. Grab the coin off of the couch.
  7. One of the vending machines should contain an item. Shake it enough times until the item falls out. You’ll get a roll of wires.
  8. Go back to the factory entrance and exit the factory back into the city.
  9. You’ll find the green robot hanging around near the gate. Give her the coin item. You’ll eventually get a wrench back.
  10. Backtrack to the room where you got the coin. Use the wrench on the vent in the top right corner of the room.
  11. Enter the vent and follow the pathways until you get to a room where a cutscene will start.
  12. After the cutscene, follow the path until you reach three tall machines with panels. Opening the far left one should reveal some lose wires hanging.
  13. Use the roll of wires on this machine.
  14. Move to the far left of the room and turn the crank. The large gear will rotate.
  15. Place the crowbar between the spokes of a nearby gear. You only have a limited time to do this before the gear is rotated back. If that happens, you’ll have to repeat the previous step.
  16. Use the box cutter to cut some ropes.
  17. By moving to the right of the room, you’ll trigger another cutscene. Before doing so, make sure that the conveyor belts are moving to the right. If they aren’t, interact with the controls to toggle the direction of the belts.
  18. After the cutscene mentioned in step 17, interact with the control panel and toggle the direction of the conveyor belts. You only have a limited time to do this.
  19. Move to the right to trigger another cutscene.
  20. Move downstairs and use the bucket of water on the big machine so you don’t die.


  1. After a few cutscenes, backtrack to the factory and go to the room where the big machine was (the one that you poured water on).
  2. Answer the phone.
  3. Examine the right panel on the machine to get a thing.
  4. Move to the far left of the room via a newly revealed pathway. Enter the door at the end of the path.
  5. Move to lower part of the new area and answer the phone.
  6. Place the thing in the mailbox. A short cutscene will follow.
  7. Enter the elevator.