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Back to the Cubeture is a game in the Cuboy series.  In this adventure, Cuboy is sent through space and time, and must make his way back home by traversing through a world of weirdness.


The game can be found here:

Town 1[]

  • Enter the saloon.


  • Talk to the bartender, and get a gun.
  • Talk to the bartender again, and get a beer.
  • Give the beer to the drunk, to get a path through the desert.
    • South, east, south, west, north, west, south.
  • Talk to the pianist and ask him about his long face, to get another reminder.
  • Leave.

Town 1[]

  • Talk to the bandit, and accept his challenge.
  • Kill 'im!
  • Go to the next area, that the bandit was blocking.

Town 2[]

  • Ack, kill the bandit!
  • Enter the sherrif's office.

Sheriff's office[]

  • Take the key.
  • Leave.

Town 2[]

  • Defeat the guards. Only shoot one at a time!
  • Return to Town 1.

Town 1[]

  • Use the key to leave via the desert gate.

Desert entrance[]

  • Another bandit!
  • Get the hat, why not.
  • You'll be going through the desert, based on the drunk's advice.
    • Note: Look around for a tumbleweed that isn't moving, as that has the piano sheets.
  • Follow the drunk's advice through the desert, quickly:
    • South, east, south, west, north, west, south.

Indian camp[]

  • Defeat the bandits.
  • Talk to the Indian...
  • Talk to the totem pole.
  • Bully the bear.
  • Talk to the Indian again, and try to be baptised.
  • Go east, then return to the saloon.


  • Give the pianist his sheets.
  • Jump up onto the piano.

Saloon floor 1[]

  • Talk to Deliliah, and receive the bar-girl outfit (if chosen certain lines to say)
    • Hello, lovely lady!
    • I've always wanted to be...
  • Go back down via the hatch.


  • Ask the bartender to kiss you.
  • Talk to the pianist again:
    • So then...
  • Go to Town 2.


  • Click on the clocktower to shoot an arrow.
  • Challenge the Legendary Horseman to a race.
    • Hit Space as fast as possible!
  • Go to the station (south).


  • Defeat the three bandits.
  • Jump on your horse.

Final game[]

This game is annoying. You must watch for three things:

  • Rolling tumbleweeds -- press Space when it's in front of you to jump.
  • Padrino throwing a bomb -- press Space right when his hand is at the lowest throwing point.
  • Bandits -- press Space when the post turns green.

Every miss pushes you back one. Too far, and you end up in the Saloon.

When you're three spaces ahead, you catch up to Padrino. There are three rounds of this:

  1. Hit Space repeatedly to break off the shovel head.
  2. Hit Space repeatedly to get the rest of the shovel.
  3. Choose four insults to distract him, then hit Space repeatedly to push him off the tracks.


  • You can mute the music in this game, but not the sound.