• Use your fire horn.
  • Pick up the fork and both fuses.
  • Use your tail.
  • Fly up.

  • Get both fuses.
  • Throw the switch.
  • Get the key.
  • Go back down.

  • Unlock the fusebox.
  • Place the fuses: 4 - 3 - 1 - 2
  • Use your lightning horn.

  • Get the fork behind the elevator.
  • Press the black square button.
  • Go to the right.
  • Go to the carnival.

  • Get the fork in the far back left.
  • Get the key from the stone sculpture's mouth.
  • Fly to the cliff.
  • Go to the beach.

  • Get the fork from behind the palm tree.
  • Get the cord from under the lifeguard stand.
  • Use your tail, then get the jacket.
  • Fly to the cliff.
  • Go to the hotel.

  • Get the fork, near the "856" in the upper right.
  • Use your fire horn.
  • Get both rings.
  • Click the cabinet door, and get the ring.
  • Also get the fork.
  • Click the divider.
  • Give the jacket to the devilite, and get the ring.
  • Enter "629" in the microwave to get the key.
  • Also get the fork.
  • Fly to the cliff.
  • Go to the den.

  • Get the string.
  • Get the fork.
  • Use the key on the door.
  • Go inside.

Option 1: Baal Edit

You must now kill 8 people.  By now, you've killed seven.  To kill the doorman, do these things in this order, quickly:

  • tail
  • electricity horn
  • flame horn
  • wings

Punk rock!

Option 2: Lift Edit

You might as well kill the doorman, as listed above.

  • Leave the building.
  • Click up.
  • Enter 666.
  • Click OK.
  • Click the Down button.