"Place" means to put the letter in the proper place in the yellow box.

Lvl Word Instructions
1 MAN Move M left twice. Place all letters.
2 HAND Place D in the last spot, then N, then A and H.
3 CUT Place T. Move the C to the hole. Place U, then C.
4 BLUE Place B, L, and E, then U.
5 JAR Move A left one. Move R left, then place it. Place A. Drop J to the right, and place it.
6 FAN Place F, then A, then N.
7 LOG Move O to the very bottom, and G on top. Place L, then G, then O.
8 RUG Drop U to the left, then place it. Place R. Place G by dropping it to the right.
9 WORLD Place letters in this order: D, W, L, R, O.
10 MILK Drop K right onto the platform, then move it left over 1. Place M. Use K to toggle 1 again, then move next to 1-block. Drop I left, then place it. Place L, then K.
11 JUMP Move M left one. Place P, M, U, J.
12 TWELVE Move T left, down, left. Move V to underneath T. Place that E, then V. Use T to toggle 2. Move L left one, then use W (carefully!) to toggle 1. Place L, E, W, T.
13 FLAG Move G right 1. Put K on the glue. Place G, A, L, F.
14 CRAB Move B all the way to the left. Move A next to B. Place R, then C. Place A, then B. Now move A and B into the last two spots to spell CRAB.
15 BALD Drop B right to change it, then place it (going up rightwards). Drop L left, move it right to flip and change it, then place it rightwards. Drop A left, then move it all the way right. Once changed, go left two, up, then left. Now that it's grey again, go right, then put it all the way in the upper righthand corner. Do this for D as well, until it's right side up. Place A, then D.
16 WINK Move I next to 4-block. Move W down one, and put N on top. Toggle 1 with K, then put it back where it was (one down and left of 3-block). Put N on K. Use W to toggle 2, then 3, then place it. Place N by moving it to the right first. Use K to toggle 4. Place I, then K.
17 DANGER Move R and A to the first two yellow squares, respectively. Place N. Move G to the fourth yellow position, then place E. Place R, then place D.
18 QUESTION Move U, T, and S to the left. Place N, O. Move Q out of the way and place I. Put S and T at the top, and place Q, U, E. Place S, T.
19 TRAMP Move A left one, then T all the way to the right. Drop Q left, then put it on the letter changer. Place P, M, A, R, T.
20 STYLE Use S and T, the anti-gravs, as a bridge to place E, then L, then Y. Then place S and T.
21 SWIMMING Move G, N, I, and both Ms right one. Use the first I to toggle 1. Move S and W all the way left, then use the first I to toggle 2. Move G, N, I, and both Ms right one. Move S and W all the way to the right, until S is on 3-block. Use the second I to toggle 3, and place S, W, and the first I. Toggle 3 with the second I. Move the Ms, the N, and the G to the left, until G is on 3-block. Toggle 3, then place G and N. Place second-I, then the Ms.
22 TRACTOR Drop S onto 1, then move it left 1 to change it to T, then toggle 2. Drop C into the corner next to 2-block, then drop A onto 2-block. Drop both Rs onto C and A, respectively. Toggle 2 with T. Drop O and T down left. Move A left one. Place R, O, T. Place C, then A, then R, then T.
23 KING For this, there's a map. Move G, N, and I all the way right. Toggle 1 with K. Move G right one and I and N all the way left. Toggle 2 with K. Move G all the way left. Toggle 4 with K, then loop around and toggle 3. Move K to one above where 4-block was. Place G, N, I, then place K.
24 COIN Move C under N. Place N, then I and O, then C.
25 WOLF Drop W right and place it. Drop E right and place it. Drop N left and place it. Drop L left and place it.
26 PARK Move A right one, then P left one. Move P up, and move K, R, and A left one. Move P into the hallway, and move A, R, and K just beyond the left 1-block. Toggle 1, then place P. Place A, R, and K.
27 WASHING Drop H, I, and N down and left. Place G, N, I. Move H up to block the gap, and move S, A, W to the right. Move H up and left, and place W, A, S. Place H.
28 DIGNITY Move Y down, then right one. Place D and I. Block the gap with Y, then move I, N, and G all the way left. Move Y down, then right one; place G. Block the gap with Y, then move N, I, and T all the way right. Place Y. Place T, I, N.
29 OUTSIDE Place E and D using the top transporter. Put the I straight down in the middle, then place T, O, and U. Place I, then S.
30 BACKED Move D, E, C, A, and B left to turn them grey, then left one to stack them. Move F all the way left, until it's a K. Place D and E, then K, then C, A, B.
31 STOP Move S right two, T up and right one, and O down one. Move P onto S, and move S down two. Place T and O, then place P.
32 DUCK Use U to toggle 3, then move it right one. Move U up one, right two, up, left, up, then right until it's anti-grav again. Go up, then right, to be anti-grav again. Then loop down and around, avoiding grey, to toggle 4. Then go left and down, left past 4-block, up before the grey, and left. Toggling 1 toggles both 1-blocks; you must toggle 1 and move K fast enough to get the K onto the bottom 1-block. Move K right to make it anti-grav, then use it to toggle 2. Drop D, then C, down the hole. Move D and C onto the anti-grav pad K used, then toggle 1 with U and place D and C. Move K down, then right over anti-grav, grey, then anti-grav. Move it down, left of 4-block, and drop U on top. Move U left one, to make it anti-grav. Avoid all greys, and loop around right and up, where the U had first travelled. Move the K to next to the 3 trigger, and grey-drop the U and toggle 3. Move K right and around, then move U the same way. Place K and U.
33 YAWN Move M left, and put it in the first yellow block. Move N left, and toggle 1, then place it and W. Place A and Y right.
34 TANK Move K right, through the blue transporter. Move T left onto 2-block. Toggle 2 with K, then toggle 4. Move T right, then toggle 2, then 3, with K. Move T right, then toggle 3, then 1, with K. Move T right, then toggle 4, then 3, with K. Toggle 5 with T. Toggle 2, then 1, with K. Move T all the way left. Toggle 1 with K, then move T left to become anti-grav. Use T to red-teleport over to toggle 6, then red-teleport again. Toggle 4 with K, and make T anti-grav again. Drop N and A down the hole to the blocks area. Place N, then A, then T, and place K.
35 BONES Drop A and N onto the yellow switch, to block the gap. Drop D, then move it right past the stack. Place B, N, M, D, R.
36 TYPICAL Move the I up to block the gap. Move the Y left until it's anti-grav. Do the same with I. Move center letters out of the way. Move T up to block the gap. Anti-grav A and C. Place T and L, then place Y and A. Place the rest.
37 CLAP Move A right one, then C left one. Move C right one. Drop L left, then move it right until it's under where P will fall, right. Drop P right, and place it. Place L, then C, then A.
38 LYNX Place Y, then L. Place N. Move O until it's X, then place it.
39 HAT Drop M left, and put it in the right side of the divot. Drop E left, then move it right into the hole. Drop G left. Move T left two. Drop H on top, then move it right one. Move T to under where A would drop left; drop A left. Move A and T left one. Drop H right and place it. Place T, then A.
40 TANGO Move A, then N, all the way right. Move N up one, then move A all the way left to use the yellow teleporter. Drop A left onto N, then move A right one. Move N all the way up, then use A to toggle 1. Move N all the way up to toggle 2, then use the green teleporter to toggle 3. Use the green transporter again. Move T to the yellow teleporter, then move N all the way down. Toggle 1 with A. Move N down to block the gap, then drop T left. Move it to the green transporter, but don't go through. Move A all the way to the left, next to T. Move O through the yellow transporter, and put it next to A. Put G through the yellow transporter, and put it next to 1-switch. Move N all the way up, and toggle 1 with G. Move N up one. Using the green teleporter, place T, A, O, and G, then N.
41 MONSTER Place M and R. Move N left one, and place E. Move S and O all the way up, then move T to block the gap. Move N to the right. Place O, N, T, S.
42 MOON The numbers correlate with the Ms, left to right. Drop M2 left. Place M1. Drop M3 right, then move left one. Place M4, then M3.
43 PENGUIN Move G left one, then move top-N on top of 5-block. Move U right to toggle 1. Move top-N left to toggle 2 and 3, then 2. Toggle 1 with U, then use top-N to toggle 4 and 5 until only 4 remains. Toggle 1 with U, then use G to toggle 2 and 3 until both are gone. Move top-N to the right, to make it anti-grav, then use it to toggle 6, then place it. Make P, E, I, other-N, and U anti-grav; with the last letter, make sure 1 is toggled so that G can get out. Make G anti-grav and place it.
44 MYTH Drop Z. Drop D, and move it right one. Drop T, then drop W and move it right one. Drop H and move it right one. Drop Y, then drop J and move it left one. Place M.
45 AMAZED Move the left-hand A through the flipper until it's right-side up. Move right to the grey-maker. Move the D to toggle 4. Drop M left, then right, to the teleporter. Toggle 2. Move A down to where the D is, to make it anti-grav, too. Move A to bridge the gap between the left of E and the double grey-maker. Move D to the right of the flipper (and turning it grey). Drop E all the way left, move D right one, and move E right one. Make D and E anti-grav again. Move E over to bridge the gap to the right of Y, then move Y to toggle 3. Move Y, then Z, all the way left to make it anti-grav. Move the grey A, in the yellow area, all the way left. Put D just above 4-block, and place all other letters: M, A, Z, E. Placing E will toggle 1; place D.
46 GROW Move O right and up into the corner. Move W right, move R all the way right, and move G all the way right. Put O left and down into the gap. Drop both Xs down, and into the ditch. Drop G down, and move it right one. In the ditch, make XOX, and put G on the second X. Move O up, and move the left X to the right. Move the G left one. Do all of this until G is placed; do the same for R. With W, do the same until it's on the right-most lip. Place the O, then the W.
47 UGLY Drop the L right, then move it all the way left. Move the Y right one, then drop U left, then G, then Y. Teleport Y, G, and U, in that order. Move the U to on top of the G, then teleport twice. Do this until U is right-side up. Move L all the way right, then place U. Place G, then L, then Y.
48 ENVY Place N and V. Change A and S until they're E and Y, respectively, then place them.
49 INSECT Toggle the switches in this order: 3, 2, 6, 4, 5, 1. Use C and N, the anti-gravs, to place I. Place the other letters.
50 COW Drop N, then A, then T. Place T (W), then N (O), then A (C).
51 JUDGE Toggle 2 with J, then toggle 3. Move to the anti-grav, then go as though to toggle 1. Toggle 1 with U. Place D and G. Move E to two blocks below where 3-block was. Drop J right, then put it on the E. Place E, then place J. Do the same for U.
52 GIGGLING Place all Gs. Place I, L, I, N.
53 GRAVY Drop G right, then drop it right again. Move left to 5-block, then move right to anti-grav and toggle 4. Go back over the flippers, doubling back on 2-toggle to keep 2-block on. Drop left, then go right to anti-grav. Move G to the right of 5-toggle, and drop Y on top of G. Move R right to just before the un-bridged gap. Move G right, then up to bridge the gap. Move R right to toggle 1. Drop A left, then drop V left. Toggle 3 with V, then place V, then A. Move Y left and drop it, then move right 1, over the flipper. Move V and A right one. Drop R left, keep 5-block on, and move R all the way left over the 1-block. Re-place A and V. Move Y left one. Move G down -- toggle 5, then move right and drop. Move Y left, and around to be anti-grav; do the same with G. Move Y up to left of 1-trigger. Move G up, over 5-trigger. Drop left, then toggle 2. Move all placed letters right, then place G and all letters. Move Y down, left over 5-trigger until 5-block remains, and place it.
54 PATHETIC Place PATHETI below the squares they're supposed to be in. Move B up and left, then place C, and all letters.
55 ANXIOUS Put ANXIOG under the yellow squares all the way left, and S underneath, all the way right. Put T up and over to get U. Put U on G, then place all other letters.
56 ENOUGH Drop E right, then move it one place right of its placement. Drop N onto E, then G onto N. Move G to under the left-er gap, then drop O onto G and H onto O. Move U right until it's right-side up, then stop. Place G and H. Drop U right and place it. Move E left, then place O.
57 PILOT Move O right one. Toggle, in this order: 4, 2, 1, 5. Move I to toggle 3, then toggle 3 again, then up four. Drop L right onto I. Toggle 4 with P, then place it. Place I, which places L. Place T.
58 CRASH Move S up to one right and down of H. Move K left 3, up 2, left 2, down 2, left 2, then put it to the right of S. Put H on K, then move S to one right and down of K. Move K down one, then put H on the platform. Move S to the other side of the platform. Move K around to follow S; it will get stuck one down and right of S. Drop A left, then right. Drop H right onto K. Carefully move S up and right to the right of K. Place H. Move R up 2, left 3, up 3, right 3, then up to bridge the gap left of C. Move C onto the platform. Bridge the next gap with S, then move C onto the next platform. Move S to on top of the platform between A and H (2 right of K). Move R up 1, left 2, down 2, left 2, and down 1. Drop C left, and put it on S. Move R up and left, around to between K and S. Place C left. Move S up 1, right 3, up 2, right 2, down 2, right 1, down 2, left 3, down 3, left 3, and place. Move R up 1, left 2, up 1, left 4, down 5, left, 1, down 3, right 2, up 2, right 2, down 2, right 2, and place.
59 HANGOVER Move G left until it drops to yellow; drop H, then N, down that same hole. Toggle 1 with A. Move V right around to the teleporter, then through, then all the way left. Drop E to make it anti-grav, then raise it up out of the way. Drop R down, then up to toggle 2. Move R right, through where 2-block was, then left. Place R, then E. Drop O down to anti-grav it, then place it, carefully. Move V through the transporter, anti-grav it, then place it. Place G, then H, then N, then A.
60 GAMBLE Move A right, then B right. Move E left, teleport, then place. Teleport B, then drop it on L. Move L right, teleport, and drop it on B. Move it left, teleport, and place it. Drop A left, teleport B up and on top of A, then place it like the rest. Move M left and place, move A left and place, move G right and place.
61 SCARF Drop S, then C, left one. Bridge the gap with F, then move A right until it is left of 3-toggle. Move F to one block below 3-block, then toggle 3 with A. Move S left four, then C left three. Move F up four, then drop A left, then drop left onto C. Drop R right, then left onto A. Toggle 1 and 2 with R. Move F all the way up, then all the way left until it touches the anti-grav, preventing it from falling. Move F right to bridge between 1-block and platform. Anti-grav each grey letter, and move them up out of the way. Place S, C, F, R, A.
62 STRENGTH Move right-hand T left two, then drop S onto that T. Drop H onto S, then move right one. Move right-hand T right one. Move N all the way to the left, and drop left-hand T onto the N. Drop the S onto left-hand T. Use right-hand T to toggle 1, then move it right 7, onto a grey-er. Toggle 2 with H, then teleport. Put R, carefully, on top of right-hand T. Drop H onto the R, then left one. Place N, and move T and S to the right. Move E up to bridge between H and the left-hand teleporter. Teleport H, then move E up to bridge the next gap. Toggle 3 with H, then move E up to the next gap. Move G to drop onto R, then right two to flip it. Move the upper T right one, then drop the H right onto that T. Move S and T all the way left, then drop R and place it next to that T. Place G, upper T, and H. Place E, then place R, T, S.
63 HORIZON Move left-hand G right one. Drop N left, then right, then teleport; drop N left, then right, then teleport. Drop P right, then left until it becomes R. Place O left, then place R by dropping left and moving right. Drop G right, and place it as H. Teleport M, then place it right. Teleport Y, then place it left. Drop K left, then down the stairs until it's in the bottom right-hand corner. Teleport that N, then place the O. Drop G left, right, left, right, then right, and teleport it. Place the I.
64 FINISHED Move S up, and move that I to the right. Move D right and up, and N all the way right. Toggle 1 with E. Place H, I, N, I. Move S up, far left, and onto the platform, that's to the left of 2-block. Move D to the left of S, and E under D. Put F at the base of the hole under 2-block. Drop S, D, and E onto F. Toggle 2 with E, then toggle 3. Move F right and down one, then teleport S into the next area, then move it right one. Do the same with D, so that D is to the right of S.

Send F through both transporters, but move it left, then down, then left one, then down. Drop E onto F, then move it left. Teleport E up to the left of D. Move F up to where 4-block was, then drop E and move it left until it's right-side up. Return F to the middle transporter, then bridge that gap to the left. Move E all the way to the left and drop it, then teleport it to the new area. Drop E next to D: S, D, E. Teleport F to the new area, and toggle 4. Move D right once, then drop F onto D, then move F right once to anti-grav it. Place D. Move F to the middle transporter (turning it grey), drop it down the hole, and place it.