• Mr Morshu

    The End is Nigh...

    January 1, 2020 by Mr Morshu

    Well, here we's now officially 2020, meaning this is the last year we have before Flash dies for good, and takes all the games we love down with it.  Luckily, there exists a project called BlueMaxima Flashpoint that aims to preserve the flash games which have been such a big part of the Internet's history.  By following this link ( you can download either a collection of most of the flash games on the Internet (be warned, this download is really huge - it clocks in at over 200 gigabytes!!) or a program that automatically downloads flash games as you play them, allowing you to create your own personalized collection of flash games.  We may have a full year left to enjoy Flash, but that year willl f…

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  • Mr Morshu

    I hate to say it, but it's true.  Cursed Treasure has always been one of my favorite tower defense series, second only to Bloons Tower Defense - as such, Cursed Treasure 2 was once one of my favorite flash games.  But recently, IriySoft updated a game...and the update was so bad, it has effectively ruined the game for me.  This update is rife with problems ranging from smaller annoyances to major problems that interfere with the player's save data!!!  So what exactly did this update do to make CT2 fall so far from grace in my eyes?  Well, allow me to give you the rundown...the new update for CT2 made the following changes:

    • The Evilpedia (database of gameplay elements such as enemies and towers), which could previously be accessed from any p…
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  • Casanovah

    Going slow for points

    December 6, 2016 by Casanovah

    Hello. I happened to stumble onto this wiki while looking up info for Mesiria, and thought I'd contribute. After I contributed a bit of info, I noticed the point and badge system, and this is the only wiki I know of that enabled the badge system.

    Because the badge system is in effect, and Mesiria being the only flash games I really played, I am deliberately going slow on the Mesiria pages to accumulate points. Going slow also helps jog my memory as I can recall little bits of info a lot better than large lumps of info at once without the need to constantly replay the game(s).

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  • Oocam

    To Help grow the wiki

    October 30, 2013 by Oocam

    Hay to help get this wiki going i am going to do playthrous of flash games.

    But I dont know whare to start so I will have a look at eny games that are requested here so I can get an idea of what games need the most info on this wiki.

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  • XtinaS

    Editing guidelines

    March 23, 2011 by XtinaS

    I'm still trying to flesh out the editing guidelines, helpful templates, and so forth. You can see the current set of guidelines here, but it's hardly complete.

    Ultimately, I want:

    • Default article text, containing the Links template.
    • Help text on the page itself, linking to the Guidelines page and the help page for the Links template.
    • Some more custom text.

    But, that's all for the future, alas.

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  • XtinaS

    Blog purpose thoughts

    March 21, 2011 by XtinaS

    Basically, the purpose of this wiki is to track things like armor values, how many experience points it takes to go up a level, how to win a game, and so forth. Unless someone contracts with Tasselfoot, videos are unlikely to be placed here.

    I made this wiki for two main reasons:

    1. I wanted a web-based place for when I get overly detail-oriented about the Flash games I play.
    2. I got real tired of seeing errors in walkthroughs that I couldn't fix. Gah.

    So! Feel free to edit, change, update, create, and so forth!

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  • Mafia Mettaur

    All Alone...

    December 27, 2010 by Mafia Mettaur

    Hello? Is there anybody active on this wiki? I expected a full wagon here, but..anyone? It's hard to work on my own. Hoping someone stumbles across this post-- Mafia Mettaur 22:13, December 27, 2010 (UTC)

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