Controls Edit

Arrow keys - Movement

A - Select options or use your sword

S - Use a spell

P - Pause the game

Kill monsters to receive healing items, magic replenishers, and experience points. Keep an eye on your red health meter; if it gets fully depleted, you'll be sent back to the starting point on the world map unless you've reached one of the few other checkpoints.

Monsters Edit

  • Small bobbler: 3xp
  • cheshire: 6xp
  • Zipping birdie: 8xp
  • Bridge spider: 10xp
  • Tower spider: 35xp
  • Soldier dude: 25xp
  • Mace thing: 75xp, plus 1xp per hit

Canyon Beast Edit

This beast makes hairballs with which to hit you.  It also flails, causing damage.  So:

  • Make three hairballs.
  • Fling them out.
  • Flail.

Stand back for the flailing.  Stand under the ledge for the hairballs.  Magic attack to kill it all at once.

Reward: Water Boots.

Island Beast Edit

This beast pops up out of one of two water-holes.  Stand just before the lip on the right, or just on the crack on the left, and start hitting A before it pops out.  You can only damage its head.

s.  Stand still until they all go out, then go in the opposite direction, to wait for the beast to come out again.

Reward: Skeleton Key.


  • Go to the first room on the right to get the Attack spell.
  • Kill the Canyon Beast, to get the water shoes.
  • Free the firefly.
  • Walk on water, and kill the Island Beast.
  • Follow the firefly, and meet the Blacksmith to get the axe.
  • Use the axe for the trees, for the crying child.
  • Use it on the tree with the bird, to get the Health spell.
  • Get 100 cords of wood, and talk to Grampa -- get the Shield spell.


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