Description Edit

"Death Vs. Monstars is a super-manic arena shooter with incredible swarms of monsters, big guns, upgrades, havoc, and a unique control system."


A sequel to Death vs. Monstars exists and can be finded here:

Controls Edit

  • Move Death around with the mouse.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to strafe.
  • When the anger bar is charged, double-click the left button to drop the bomb.
  • Press and hold the space bar to go Bullet Time.
  • Hit Ctrl or P to pause the game.

Levels Edit

Title Description Goal Monstars
The Young Mr. Death Learn the moves of a true Death: One-Hand Move & Shoot, Anger Management, and Bullet-Time! Kill 100 enemies in this one. Kill 100 enemies. blue hexagons
Let's kick butt Do as much as you can in 2 minutes! Did you know that you get a 1.5x money bonus if you survive until the end of the round? That applies to all levels! Survive for 2 minutes.
Bouncy-Bouncy Smash 200 of these ugly bouncing blobs to advance to the next level. Don't forget to use bullet-time and your bomb when you're in a tough situation. Kill 200 blobs. green blobs
All Shapes and Sizes Keep them falling before your might! Endure for 90 seconds and collect your reward! Easy level, great for pumping up that cash! Survive for 90 seconds. blue hexagons, gold robots, green blobs
Umm... They shoot back!? Yes they do. Don't worry. Your superior skills and the use of bullet-time will get you out of any trouble. Kill 200 monstars.
Introducing... EyeTower! Don't let those big-eyed freaks and some over-enthusiastic robots ruin your day. Send them to their doom! Survive for 90 seconds. eyetowers, gold robots
Orange County These dumb beasts can hardly match your skills. In great numbers however... Kill 300 orange blobmouths. orange blobmouths
Masters&Servants The hunters and towers are not easy to take down when there's a swarm of lowly critters backing them up. Destroy them anyways! Survive for 180 seconds. gold robots, purple septamouths, eyetowers, blue hexagons
Warzone This is it. The final swarms of minions to gather to bring you down. Take out 500 to get to the final Boss! Kill 500 monstars. everything
Showdown This time you won't get away with just burning a rope. This time you will not survive. This insane boss will kick your ass. Gear up and save the world and all humanity. We're counting on you. Kill the boss. blue hexagons, Colossus
Score-Hog Play till death and submit your insanely big score to compete with others! You can only submit your score in this mode! Play until you die from it. everything

Monstars Edit

Monster Movement Weapons Leavings
blue hexagon aim towards you none one coin
green blob bounce in straight line none one star
gold robot aim towards you none two coins
purple septamouth aim towards you single shot three stars
orange blobmouth slowly aim 4-bullet cluster 200
EyeTower doesn't move single large pellet four coins, 1K
Big Boss oh god oh god don't know

Coins Edit

Coin Amount
single coin 30
gold star 70
200 200
1K 1000
2K 2000

Weapons Edit

Cost Name Description
0 Pew Pew Your Sturdy (Lame) Default gun. This won't protect your skull for long.
1500 PewPew Shotgun A modified PewPew with 3 - way shot. Slow and clumsy, but hey. It's Cheap.
4000 Spray Gun 2-way super-fast shot. Give them hell with this Spray Gun!
20000 3-way Minigun A shredding 3-way Minigun. Don't really have to aim with this one. It's a luck you have unlimited ammo.
100000 Meteor Gun All hail the big old Meteor Gun! Just like the 3-way Minigun but with some Big Fat Bullets.
240000 BFG 100K There's just no fun it this game anymore when you buy the BFG 100K. It just simply tears EVERYTHING apart. That is guaranteed.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Costs Description
Max Health 0 - 10000 - 20000 - 50000 Increase your maximum health points so you have more reserves in a mayhem
Max Healing 0 - 10000 - 30000 - 70000 Heal faster after injured! This is very important when facing waves of hard enemies.
Berserk Time 0 - 20000 - 40000 - 80000 When you double-click, you go berserk. You are invincible and deal an insane ammount of damage. But for how long?
Berserk Change 0 - 30000 - 70000 - 100000 Speed up the recharge rate of your Allmighty Berserk Mode! (Remember, double-click to use it in-game)

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