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Oh no!! You've been kicked out of your
appartment by your girlfriend and you
need to convince her to let you back in!

For that, you need to learn more about
communicating your true feelings.

Everyone that you meet has one skill to teach
you. Interact with them using the skills you
already know (they pop-up when you need

When you are ready, go back to your
girlfriend and talk her into letting you back


  • mute button
  • help button, displays the Intro text, above
  • dashboard of skills


[apartment] Click on the note:

My dear,

I had to leave you.
I just didn't want to
talk to you anymore.
I decided to press
the X and leave.
         I'm sorry...

[apartment] Click on the flower bed to get your first coin.

[apartment] Click on the steps, just outside the apartment.

[park] Click on the bird to get your second.

[park] Click on the advertisement on the tree:


   Looking for emotions??

Everyone you meet in life can
 teach you something. Learn
the way of the heart and find
         true love!!

     <3  1-800-TRU-LOVE

[park] Click the right-hand steps.

[bar front] Click the newspaper to get your third coin.

[bar front] Click the rat in front of the trash bag to get your fourth coin.

[bar front] Click the door to go inside the bar.

[bar] Click the coin on the pool table to get your fifth coin.

[bar] Talk to the bartender to learn how to listen.

[bar] Leave the bar.

[bar front] Click on the hobo, then listen.

[bar front] Leave the bar front.

[park] Listen to the girl on the bench to learn about love.

[park] Go back to the bar.

[bar front] Go inside.

[bar] Talk, then love, then listen, to the woman in the bar, to learn about sadness.

[bar] Go outside.

[bar front] Listen to the hobo, then talk of sadness, to get anger.

[bar front] Go back to the park.

[park] Talk to the guitarist, then talk of love, then listen a lot, to get music.

[park] Go back to the apartment.

[apartment] Sing to her, then talk to her, then speak of sadness, then speak of love, then speak of anger, then listen to her.


  • Listening: Get this from the bartender.
  • Loving: Get this from the girl in the park.
  • Sadness: Get this from the woman in the bar.
  • Anger: Get this from the hobo in front of the bar.
  • Music: Get this from the guitarist in the park.


You can buy things, as it were?  How strange.