Hack Slash Crawl


You have four stats: Strength, Stamina, Willpower, and Intellect.

You also have Armor, and the four resistances: fire, ice, poison, and electricity.

The base stats, before race and class and whatnot:

  • Health: 120
  • Magic: 105
  • Armor: 0
  • All stats: 10
  • All resistances: 0


This was discovered by Bzykacz

  • 1 strength == 1 physical damage
  • 1 stamina == 10 health
  • 1 willpower == 10 magic
  • 1 intellect == 3 magic damage

Your Armor reduces damage in percents:

  • 2 armor == 17% less damage
  • 4 armor == 24% less damage
  • 6 armor == 29% less damage
  • 8 armor == 34% less damage
  • 10 armor == 38% less damage
  • 12 armor == 42% less damage

The actual formula:

Decrease of damage in % = 1.2 * (Armor*100) ^ 0.5 = 12*(Armor)^0.5


In order, starting with Human and working to the right. Note that Celestial and Demon are duplicated in the selector, and so aren't listed twice below.

Race Description Figure Health Magic Armor Str Sta Wil Int  !Fire  !Ice  !Pois  !Elec Spells
Human Improved resistances / Improved stats Human +10 +10 +1 +1 +1 +1 +10 +10 +10 +10
Atlantian Resistant to ice / Grants the racial ability: Freezing Wind Atlantiancvbjkjhgfd +20

Frozen WindFlash Freeze

Vampire Gains health with each melee attack Vampire
Golem Increased resistance to all forms of damage Golem +2 +20 +20 +20 +20
Celestial Resistant to ice, electricity, and poison / Vulnerable to fire / Gains additional health from magic healing Celestial -20 +20 +20 +20
Demon Resistant to fire / Deals additional fire damage with each melee attack Demon +20
Dryad Grants the racial ability: Entangle Dryad Vine FieldEntangle
Draconian Grants the racial ability: Fire Breath Draconian

Flame ArcFire Blast

Werewolf Improved health regeneration Werewolf
Kitilid Grants the racial ability: Swarm Kitilid Swarm Massive Swarm

Class Edit

In order, starting with Fighter and working to the right.

Class Description Health Magic Armor Str Sta Wil Int  !Fire  !Ice  !Pois  !Elec Spells
Fighter Improved strength, stamina, and armor +20 +2 +2 +2
Wanderer Improved stamina / Increased resistance to all forms of damage +20 +2 +10 +10 +10 +10
Duelist Improved strength and intellect when fighting a single opponent
Hunter Improved strength and intellect / Increased resistance to poison and ice +2 +2 +10 +10
Juggernaut Improved armor / Grants the class ability: Shield +3 Shield
Charmer Grants the class ability: Charm Charm
Reaper Improved strength / Grants the class ability: Critical Strike +3 Critical Strike
Lightwielder Improved willpower / Grants the class ability: Heal +20 +2 Heal
Explorer Improved willpower / Increased resistance to all forms of damage +20 +2 +10 +10 +10 +10
Cursed Reduced stats / Highly increased resistance to all forms of damage / Physical attacks are converted to random magic damage types -20 -20 -2 -2 -2 -2 +20 +20 +20 +20
Necromancer Improved will / Grants the class ability: Create Skeleton +20 +2 Create SkeletonCreate Skeletons
Magus Improved intellect / Grants the class ability: Ignite +2 IgniteInferno

Titles Edit

You earn titles as you die. These can boost your stats during character creation.

You can only earn at most one title per life, and you will always receive the most advanced title that you qualify for. For example: If you die with at least 50 Stamina you will qualify for Indomitable, and will receive the title if you don't also qualify for any more advanced titles, even if you do not already have Tough. You will never receive the same title twice, though, so you can still qualify for Strong even if you have more than 50 Strength.

Title Requirement Effects
Nudist Wear no armour +8 ARMOR when wearing no armor
Nonviolent Kill no enemies +2 STAMINA
Ascetic Have an empty backpack +1 to all stats when inventory is empty
Humbled Reach floor 1 +2 WILLPOWER
Killer Kill 1 enemy +1 STRENGTH
Hoarder Have a full backpack +2 ARMOR when inventory is full
Explorer Reach floor 2 +1 STAMINA
Traveled Travel 5000 tiles +5% run speed
Stone Skin Receive 5000 damage +1 ARMOR
Brave Be attacked by 5 enemies at once +1 ARMOR for each enemy over 2 when surrounded
Dauntless Be attacked by 10 enemies at once +2 ARMOR for each enemy over 2 when surrounded
Deadly Kill 20 enemies +2 STRENGTH
Bonebane Kill 20 skeletons +50% damage to skeletons
Tough Have 30 STAMINA +3 STAMINA
Intelligent Have 30 INTELLECT +3 INTELLECT
Iron Skin Receive 10000 damage +2 ARMOR
Spelunker Reach floor 5 +2 STAMINA
Experienced Reach level 5 +1 to all stats
Marathoner Travel 10000 tiles +10% run speed
Steel Skin Receive 20000 damage +3 ARMOR
Legendary Reach level 10 +2 to all stats
Herculian Have 50 STRENGTH +5 STRENGTH
Indomitable Have 50 STAMINA +5 STAMINA
Iron Willed Have 50 WILLPOWER +5 WILLPOWER
Lethal Kill 100 Enemies +3 STRENGTH
Bonemaster Kill 50 skeletons 20% chance any skeleton that sees you will temporarily be charmed
Abyssal Reach floor 10 +3 STAMINA
Epic Reach level 15 +3 to all stats
Devastating Kill 200 enemies +5 STRENGTH

Spells Edit

Spell Description Cost symbol
Swarm Steadily damage one enemy over time with poison 70 Swarm
Massive Swarm Create a swarm of insects, steadily damaging any enemy passing through 140 Massive Swarm
Entangle Prevent one enemy from moving for a time though they can still attack 40 Entangle
Vine Field Create a field of vines that slows any enemy passing though 80 Vine Field
Frozen Wind Damage enemies in an arc with frost 40 Frozen Wind
Flash Freeze Damage enemies in an arc with frost, as well as freezing them solid for a time 200 Flash Freeze
Shield Completely protects you from the next three attacks 50 Shield
Bolt Electrify a single opponent with a bolt of lightning 50 Bolt
Heal Restore some of your lost health (Heals 20 + Inteligence points) 30 Heal
Sanctify Create a sanctity circle constantly healing any friend or foe within 100 Sanctfy
Ignite Detonate the air in a location you can see, damaging nearby enemies with fire 60 Ignite
Inferno Ignite an area with fire damaging any enemy passing though 200 Inferno
Flame Arc Damage enemies in an arc with fire (Fire Damage is 20 + Inteligence points) 50 Flame Arc
Fire Blast Damage enemies in an arc with fire, as well as lighting them on fire for a time. 200 Fire Blast
Create Skeleton Create a skeleton minion to fight for you 40
Create Skeleton
Create Skeletons Create three skeleton minions to fight for you 160
Create Skeletons
Charge Rush to a single enemy in an instant, dealing a strong blow upon arrival 30 Charge
Wild Charge Rush and attack a single enemy, as well as damaging any enemies along your path 40 Wild Charge
Charm Causes an enemy to temporarily ally itself with you 100 Charm
Critical Strike Causes your next attack to hit much harder 30 Critical Strike

Pro Builds by ThisPOT (TopScore Holder, Suicide on floor 107) Edit

Race Class









Fire Resist Goal Ice Resist Goal Electric Resist Goal Poison Resist Goal

Additional Spells Goal

Demon Cursed 2 2 0 0 100+ 100+ 40+ N/A CharmCritical Strike

Atlantean (or) Kitilid

Magus 0 1 1.5 1.5 110+ 100+ N/A N/A

Bolt Charm Entangle Shield

Celestial Light-wielder 2 1 0 1 50+ 100+ 40+ N/A

CharmShieldCritical Strike

Vampire (really fucking good) Reaper 3 1 0 0 100+ 100+ 80+ N/A Charm
Golem Cursed 1.5 1 1.5 0 100+ 100+ 100+ N/A Bolt CharmEntangle Shield IgniteSwarmFlash Freeze