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Jelly Battle is a single-player strategy Flash game developed by 20:20 and formerly available on Gamenet, as well as other Flash game websites. It was pulled down from all websites hosting it back in 2014, but is still available to play via BlueMaxima's Flashpoint (although, it can only be played in single-player mode in this state).


  • Mouse: Click to select tile


You play as a man made out of jelly, and are pitted against three other jelly men in a free-for-all battle. The objective is to outlast the other jelly men and be the last one alive by either destroying your opponents directly or by letting them destroy each other. The battle takes place over a series of turns; on each turn, you're given a few seconds to click on a tile within your range to jump to, and the other jelly men will do the same. Afterwards, all jelly men will jump to their selected tile; if a jelly man lands on a special tile (one that has a colored symbol on it), whichever action is tied to that tile will happen (do note that once the time is up, all tiles will move one square downward before the jelly men make their jumps; therefore, in order to land on the tile you want, you should select the one below it so that you'll land on the right one once the jump happens). In the event that two jelly men land on the same time, a tiebreaker (called the "Jelly Off") occurs; in a Jelly Off, each jelly man is given a randomly selected number, and whichever one scores the higher number gets to stay on the selected tile while the loser is dealt 15 damage and sent to a different tile. The majority of the special tiles consist of various types of weapons which you can use to try to attack opponents, but other tiles can have different functions ranging from defensive abilities, power-boosting buffs, and even traps.

The game has three difficulty levels - Easy, Medium, and Hard - the harder difficulty you choose, the less time you get to pick a tile between rounds.

Special Tile Types[]

Pink Tiles (Weapons)[]

  • Handbag: Melee weapon that damages all opponents one square away from you for 30 HP. This item is used automatically for 3 rounds.
  • Blast: Sets off an explosion that damages all opponents up to three squares away from you, dealing damage depending on how close the opponents are. Opponents one square away lose 40 HP, opponents two squares away lose 30 HP, and opponents three squares away lose 20 HP.
  • Laser: Shoots a laser beam horizontally and vertically, damaging all opponents hit by the beam for 25 HP.
  • Air Strike: Summons a plane which randomly drops bombs across the board in an attempt to hit opponents. The bombs aren't very accurate, but any opponent hit by one of the bombs is damaged for 30 HP.
  • Random Drop: Drops a random object on a random opponent, dealing damage depending on the item dropped on the opponent. Possible objects include an anvil (which deals 25 damage), a ton of metal (which deals 35 damage), and a piano (which deals 50 damage).
  • Nuke: Sets off a massive explosion that damages all opponents for 30 HP no matter where they are.

Blue Tiles (Buffs)[]

  • Invisible: Makes you invisible to other players for at least a round. The invisibility wears off if you take damage.
  • De-Bonus: Strips all opponents of their bonuses. Wears off with de-bonus or when they take damage.
  • Shield: Protects you from all damage for at least a round.
  • Freeze: Freezes an opponent in their current position for an entire round.
  • Jelly Rage: Makes your attacks deal double damage to opponents for at least a round.
  • Triple Jump: Allows you to move in any direction three spaces away from your current position.

Yellow Tiles (Utilities)[]

  • Teleport: Teleports you to a random space on the board.

Red Tiles (Traps)[]

  • Mine: Damages you for 30 HP.

Green Tiles (Healing)[]

  • Health: Partially restores your health.
  • Super Jelly: Completely restores your health to the maximum amount (100 HP) regardless of how many health points you had left.


  • Private - Less than 1,000 points
  • Corporal - 1,000 points
  • Sergeant - 2,000 points
  • Captain- 4,000 points
  • Major - 7,500 points
  • General - 15,000 points
  • Field Marshall - 50,000 points