Reincarnation- All Hallow's Evil

Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil (sometimes abbreviated as AHE) is a point and click adventure game from 2010 by Christopher "Chris" Gianelloni. The game was a halloween special (not an actual installment) of The Reincarnation Series but was overall the eighth game related to the series. It was preceded by Reincarnation: The Backfire of Hell and followed by Reincarnation: A Taste of Evil. The plot centers around a nameless demon sent from Hell by Luke, a.k.a. The Devil, to bring back Darcy, an escaped Reincarny.

Walkthrough Edit

Porch Edit

  1. Star First, walk down to the main street and throw ten rocks at the kids, then come back to the porch.
  2. Get the empty bucket.
  3. Press the doorbell and listen to the man rant.
  4. Go (down) to main street.

Main street Edit

  1. Take some rocks from the small pile to the right.
  2. Throw a rock on the children.

Porch Edit

  1. Enter the now opened door.

Living Room Edit

  1. Take the silver key by the door
  2. Star Pick up the cigarette and burn the demon with it for an achievement.
  3. Star Take the candle with you.
  4. Enter the kitchen.

Kitchen Edit

  1. Click the toaster to distract Darcy and quickly get the empty coffee mug.
  2. Star Get a knife and walk back to the porch. Use the cigarette on the candle. Carve the pumpkin with the knife. Insert the lit candle into the pumpkin for an achievement.
  3. Enter the bedroom.

Bedroom Edit

  1. Get the sleeping pills from the nightstand.
  2. Get the cockroach.
  3. Go back into the kitchen.

Kitchen Edit

  1. Use the cockroach on Darcy and fill the empty coffee mug whilst he's distracted.
  2. Put the sleeping pills into the mug filled with water.
  3. Use the coffee mug filled with water and sleeping pills on Darcy.
  4. Open the cabinets and get the bleach.
  5. Open the fridge to obtain a raw steak.
  6. Go back to the main street and then into the alleyway.

Cellar Entrance Edit

  1. Use the sleeping pills on the raw steak.
  2. Use the sleepy steak on the dog.
  3. Use the silver key on the lock.
  4. Enter the cellar.

Cellar Edit

  1. Pick up the window cleaner.
  2. Go back to the bedroom.

Bedroom Edit

  1. Click the empty bucket in your inventory.
  2. Put the bleach into the empty bucket.
  3. Put the window cleaner into the bucket.
  4. Star Use the lit candle on the bed for an alternative death.

Medals Edit

Name Description Points
Trick Or Treat Play game on Halloween. 5
Stoning Throw 10 rocks at the kid. 10
Black Lungs Try to get the demon to smoke. 5
Jack O Demon Make a jack-o-lantern. 10
Sleep Through A Fire Drill Set Darcy on fire. 10
My Chemical Death Use chemicals to kill Darcy. 25

Credits Edit

  • Animated, Directed & Written by Christopher "Chris" Gianelloni.
  • Programmed by TaroNuke.
  • Music by Brian Holmes.
  • Voice of Demon by Deven "D-Mac" Mack.
  • Voice of Luke by Andrew Dennis.
  • Voice of Reincarny by Deven "D-Mac" Mack.
  • Voice of Dracula Kid by Y. Chang.
  • Voice of Ghost Kid by Sapphire.

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