The Thing-Thing Saga was started in 2005 by Sean McGee of Diseased Productions. Most well known for its high intensity action, wide array of firearms, and its addicting Arena spinoffs, all of the series itineraries have recieved high praise and ratings from most flash gaming websites.


In Thing Thing, you play as Project #154, an escaped prototype bio-weapon made by the demented Systems Corp. Deciding that you don't want to be sold off to some military power to be used by their own ends, you make your escape out into the open world. Systems Corp is less than interested in losing their enormous investment, and send entire armies, even going as far as to send other prototype bio-weapons after Project #154 to stop it.


The Thing-Thing Saga has an enormous list of weaponry, listing from melee weapons, to simple pistols and shotguns, to high-tech laser weapons of tomorrow. To list them all would take an extremely long time, and it would also take up much space.

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