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Row Col A Col B Col C Col D
1 Beach Front Apartments Commercial Telecoms
2 Golf Course Park Car Park Mall
3 Residential City Hall Stadium Warehousing
4 Mansion Cinema Bridge Factory

Medals: Clues Edit

# Clue Character(s) Area
25 Match me up with a venue and I'll sing our troubles away. Rock Star Stadium (C3)
26 Follow the leader and play a round. City Chief Golf Course (A2)
27 Is that a Delorean in the car park? Ask an expert and his faithful friend. Boffin, Dog Car Park (C2)
28 Bring some happiness out of cold storage. Ice-cream Salesman Warehousing (D3)
29 Give bankers the runaround. Runner Commercial (C1)
30 I predict a riot on the doorstep. Riot Police Residential (A3)
31 I learn all my moves from the movies. Wrestler

Cinema (B4)

32 Search and find an open space where we can tend the wounded. Medic, Rescuer Park (B2)

Weapons Edit

Melee Edit

Name Attack Name Max Dmg Min Dmg  % Hit Ammo
 ? Hammer Time 50 35 95%
 ? Rain Thunder 80 60 70%

Primary Edit

Name Attack Name Max Dmg Min Dmg  % Hit Ammo Target
 ? Boom! 80 60 95% 1 one
 ? Hell Hound 100 80 80% 2 one
 ? Six Pack 80 60 70% 6 mult

Roster Edit

Name Money Damage Defense Scanning / Shouting Notes
City Chief +$100 to daily money unlocks City Hall
Dog +1 uncover humans/items u/d/l/r of you
Looter + 0.5x daily money unlocks Molotov Cocktail
Boffin scans cost 1hr needed for Telecoms (D1)
Police +3 +2
Rescuer shout costs .5hr; shout radius 2sq
Rock Star shout shows all humans + mimics in area
Medic if HP = 0, revives w/ 25 HP 1x/day; immune to venom
Wrestler +2 +2
Runner searching .5hr immune to stun; run away costs 3hr
Penguin Man +3 +3 mimics don't say "Help!" after shout
Soldier +5 unlocks assault rifle
Fireman +4 immune to drowsiness
P.I. mimics don't say "Help!" after shout auto-unlocks mission squares
Time Traveller blocks 1st attack per round; +4 search hours
Scientist +10 auto-finds bugs u/d/l/r of you; mimics don't say "Help!" after shout
Golfer +2 unlocks Golf Club; unlocks Golf Course
Burglar 2x daily money
Veteran +10 searching = 2hr
Ice-cream Salesman auto-finds humans u/d/l/r of you
Fred +2
Riot Police +1 +4 unlocks Riot Shield
Reporter +$250 daily money unlocks Telecoms
Alien +3 scan covers whole area unlocks Alien Gun

Scanner Edit

Color Meaning
White Item
Purple Ammo
Blue Survivor
Aqua Enemy
Yellow Objective
Red Money