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How To Play[]

Mr. Box is sleeping and you have to wake him up by pushing or tipping him until the sleep meter on the top right is full.

You connect the wooden parts you have in your queue to any wooden parts on the screen. You can only attach an item to one wooden item.


Video Walkthrough

Levels 1-5[]

  • Level 1: Place the long wooden board on the board that Mr. Box is resting on so it completely sticks out from the left or right side.
  • Level 2: Mr. Box is sleeping on the left side wooden board with a pivot in the middle so it can rotate. Place the wooden circle at the right side to make it tip over like a see-saw.
  • Level 3: Place the wooden circle on the left or right edge of the wooden board in the middle. This should cause the wooden circles to roll.
  • Level 4: There is a wooden board standing straight with a pivot at the bottom. Place the wooden rectangle at the top with the left or right side sticking out so it can tip over and hit the box like a golf club.
  • Level 5: Place the wooden stick on the small piece of wood resting on the brick. The contraption on the bottom will push the stick up and make the wooden circle roll toward the platform to wake Mr. Box.

Levels 6-10[]

  • Level 6: Place the circle on the wooden circle at the top right, then quickly place the bottom end of the two sticks at the little wooden pieces resting on the brick platform. They will be knocked down like dominoes, the last piece will pull a big circle toward Mr. Box.
  • Level 7: Place the circles at the wooden piece at the top right quickly, making a snowman of sorts. Place the last wooden piece at the top of the snowman so that it can push the metal piece and start the reaction to wake Mr. Box.
  • Level 8: Place the first piece at the right side and then place the others very quickly so it makes a backwards C. Place the circle on top of the backwards C and it should have enough momentum to rock the platform.
  • Level 9: There will be a wooden board with two metal wheels rotating, causing it to move slowly toward the right. Place the long board in the middle of it and the second board on top of the long board. It should be high enough to push Mr. Box.
  • Level 10: Place the first piece on a corner of the rotating square. Place the others so that they line up with the first piece to make a long straight line.

Levels 11-15[]

  • Level 11: Place the three tall pieces to the left of the pivot in a straight line that goes over Mr. Box. Place the three long pieces to the left of the first line so that it reaches over the left side of Mr. Box. Place the next piece to the left of the second line, making an upside-down J. Place the circle on the right of the big board and it should tilt, pulling down Mr. Box with the upside-down J.
  • Level 12: Place the wooden board on the right pivot of the long board so it sticks upward. Then place the circle on the left of the board that's connected to the metal circle. The metal circle should fall into a small gap, causing the wooden circle to swing like a wrecking ball toward the building Mr. Box is on.
  • Level 13: Place the small box on the left platform so it sticks downward. Then place the second box on the right platform; it should cause Mr. Box to rise. Place the last box on the first box and Mr. Box should be lowered by all the weight, causing him to awaken.
  • Level 14: There is a pivot with the left side holding a small metal circle. Place the wooden circles on the right side of the pivot very quickly; it should cause the small wooden circle to fly out and hit Mr. Box, making him fall off the platform.
  • Level 15: There should be two rotating boards connected to each other. Place the wooden board at the end of it, but make sure that it aligns parallel with the end of the contraption. If done right, it will hit Mr. Box off of the platform.

Levels 16-20[]

  • Level 16: Place the first wooden piece at the top left circle so it sticks upward and then rotates to hit the small circle. Quickly place the circle on the bottom right circle and then the last piece on top of that circle. It should make a ramp for the two circles to roll on to Mr. Box.
  • Level 17: Hover your mouse to the left side of Mr. Box. Wait patiently until a huge circle comes flying from the left side. Quickly place your piece on the circle.
  • Level 18: Place the first piece on top of the wooden board with both sides sticking out. Place the second piece at the right edge of the first piece so it sticks out upward. Place the final pieces on the left side of the first piece. It should cause it to tilt and make the second piece hit Mr. Box.
  • Level 19: As soon as the second rotating piece from the left is horizontal, place the piece at the top-right corner of the wooden board connected to a string of wooden circles, making an L shape. If done right, it should slowly pull Mr. Box. If it gets stuck, start over.
  • Level 20: Enjoy.