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When you woke up Edit

Cemetary Edit

  • Take the hat.
  • Leave to the right.

Paper Boy Edit

  • Talk to Old Knock, the paper boy.
    • "So, what's the news?"
    • "Can I have a newspaper?"
  • Open your inventory and grab your hat.
  • Give your two neuros to Old Knock.
  • Leave to the left.

Office Edit

  • Talk to your new client:
    • "The police isn't interested in your problem, am I correct?"
  • Combine the clues "tip to Ol' Knock" and "hire a private detective".
  • Click the deductions:
    • The police already have their hands full and can't help Mitsk
    • Mr. Mitsk is desperate and willing to spend all his money
  • Click the conclusion.
  • Click the drawer to your left and get a press pass.
  • Leave your office and go to Brain For Food.

Restaurant Edit

  • Enter the restaurant.
  • Talk to Mr. Mitsk:
    • "What did the thief steal, exactly?"
    • "Do you suspect anybody, even remotely?"
    • "Are there any witnesses?"
  • Enter the kitchen.

Kitchen Edit

  • Talk to the night watchman:
    • "You were there when the robbery took place. What happened?"
    • "Would you be able to recognize the thief?"
  • Examine the window.
  • Examine the mark on the wall below the window.
  • Open the fridge to get a clue.
  • Talk to the cook:
    • Consult your notes.
    • Ask about Heleek.
  • Leave the kitchen.

Restaurant Edit

  • Accept the night watchman's offer.
  • Talk to Mr. Mitsk:
    • Consult your notes.
    • Ask him about Snajgr's denial.
  • Leave the restaurant.
  • Ask the janitor about Snjagr working at the restaurant.
  • Exit left, down the alley.

Alley Edit

  • Examine the manhole.
  • Open the trash can on the left to find an expired frozen brain.
  • Combine clues "thief is agile" + "thief was well equipped".
  • Leave the alley and the restaurant area.
  • Go to Heleek's foundation.

Heleek's Foundation Edit

Inside heleek's office, ask her about her offer to obtain the clue "mitsk's interest"; ask her about Snjagr to obtain the clue"heleek's memories"(this clue will only appear if you have asked both Heleek and Mitsk about Snjagr)

  • Apply the press pass to the guard:
    • "the opening of her new museum"
  • "I can see there's no fooling you"
  • Ask Heleek about her offer.
  • Ask Heleek about Snjagr's denial.
  • Leave the foundation and go to The Drinking Dead.

The Drinking Dead Edit

  • Talk to the informer, The Talking Dead.
    • "I need your help to identify a certain thief"
    • "Yes, he hit Ghvnn with a taser"
    • "He escaped through a manhole so as to leave no trace"
    • "I know for sure he's very agile"
  • Return to your office.

Office Edit

  • Click the phone to call the number:
    • "I have a little job for you. Zero risk, high reward"
  • Leave and go to The Drinking Dead.

The Drinking Dead Edit

  • Wait for Awk to leave.
  • Follow him.

Awk's House Edit

  • Open the trash can:
    • "So, uh... you live here?"
  • Close out.
  • Give him a coin:
    • Consult your notes.
    • Ask him about the robbery time.
  • Combine: "midnight" and "robbery time"
  • Click the conclusion.
  • Talk to Ghvnn:
    • "Hey, Ghvnn. Could you keep the thief occupied for a while?"
  • As they're talking, enter through the window.

In the house Edit

  • Move the carpet.
  • Use your gun on the hatch.
    • Shoot the rope holding the gong.
    • Shoot the gong.
    • Ask Ghvnn to close the window.

Restaurant Edit

Combine clues:

  • accepting offer + heleek's offer
  • Ghvnn was guarding + Ghvnn is hungry